17, Tombs of the Kings Road, 8045 Pafos - Cyprus

Cyprus – Pafos

Pafos was the ancient capital of Cyprus during Roman domination, and its surroundings are famous for so many antiquities and historical monuments that is why Pafos is deservedly called a museum city. Having survived the changes of several civilizations and names of city, times of decline and dawn, Pafos has not lost its charm and grandeur.

In this ancient city there are many Christian sacred objects and even Apostle Paul preached in these lands. In the surrounding areas there are well-preserved and now acting monasteries and churches. Most of the attractions of this city are world's cultural treasures and are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Pafos is known for another legendary place called Petra tou Romiou, where, on giving, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite came ashore from the sea foam. Now this place is a place of pilgrimage for all lovers or seeking love from all around the world and a trip to Pafos is not complete without a visit to the Rock of Aphrodite.

The most beautiful place in Pafos is the pedestrian tourist zone along the waterfront in the city's harbour. This is a lovely place for fresh air walks and dinner at sea side. Close to the complex, there is a unique open-air museum - an archaeological park with the famous mosaic tiles. Along the waterfront there are endless souvenir shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. On the other side, is the ancient castle and picturesque harbour with lots of sightseeing, boats and fishing barks. Pafos is very famous for its fish taverns with fresh seafood.

Pafos - this is the most expensive and luxurious resort in Cyprus with top-notch hotels and excellent service. However, the plethora of the hotels, guesthouses and apartments that are in the foreshore, manage to satisfy every taste vacationers.

The summer season lasts from mid-May to mid-October. Summer heat can be easily endured; cause of favourable humidity and atmospheric pressure has no effect on health because of its stability. Precipitation in Pafos falls exclusively in the winter, leaving a rather dry summer that particularly pleases tourists who yearn to enjoy the sunny days without clouds and pouring rains. The air temperature is in the city from +25 °C to +28 °C and water is +25 °C.